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In the United States, we are focused on National Parks. Our National Parks are very much in need of help due to global warming (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/07/060728-global-warming.html).  Glaciers and snow packs are disappearing,  wildlife populations are decreasing, and plant species are becoming extinct.  Yet, National Parks can aid in the fight against global warming by helping nature respond and adjust to climate change (slide 8 of http://www.npca.org/assets/pdf/unnatural_disaster_2.pdf).  They provide wildlife with refuge from habitat fragmentation and pollution.  Additionally, “The National Parks are valuable laboratories for learning how organisms and ecosystems in diverse locales respond to climate change… Such information can help natural resource managers make the best decisions in a changing world.”  As a system that accounts for 84.4 million acres of mostly wilderness area, preserving our National Parks contribute greatly to a healthy environment.  They are a vast network of ecological systems in need of attention and action.  

Here are the ways you can help: 

Preserve Our Parks: Sign a petition or write your local elected officials to support NPCA Actions. People can sign-up to the Action Center, where they will be alerted about new initiatives and see progress on prior actions taken. 

VolunteerThere are over 407 National Park properties, so there’s a good chance there will be a volunteer opportunity nearby most people. They can enter in their zip and search per screenshot below.  An example would be restoring native plants, that were overrun by past cattle raising in the area.  Other opportunities ranged from conserving rivers to developing trails and greenways to increase foot traffic and decrease reliance on pollution-generating transportation through-out the parks.

Make a DonationWhile the parks are nationally funded through tax dollars, much more is needed to maintain and preserve their natural environments in the mist of global warming.  There are several conservancy campaigns underway that need additional assistance. People need not rely on their own means to make a financial contribution,  they can join a Park Friends Group.  There are 200 of these groups across the country that contribute to the parks in a wide range of activities from fundraising, public advocacy, and hands on restoration of specific sites. 



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