Next Airing: Thursday, January 19

Upcoming Airings of Airwolf

Thursday, Jan 19
Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n
Season 1
Episode 3
Friday, Jan 20
Bite Of The Jackal
Season 1
Episode 4
Monday, Jan 23
Proof Through The Night
Season 1
Episode 5
Tuesday, Jan 24
One Way Express
Season 1
Episode 6
Wednesday, Jan 25
Echoes From The Past
Season 1
Episode 7

About Airwolf


A shadow government, an ace pilot, and a top-secret beloved helicopter named Airwolf is the perfect recipe for thrills, plot twists and, yes, explosions that compete with a big screen action flick. Stringfellow Hawke and the enigmatic Firm pushed the limits of TV – and the budget of its production company – with chases, stunts and effects week after week.  Many of its storylines mirrored real-world concerns around the Cold War, but the group’s chemistry and banter helped balance the drama with a lighter tone.


Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, Deborah Pratt, David Hemmings, Eugene Roche, Belinda Bauer, Frank Annese


Virgil W. Vogel