Ensign O'Toole

Next Airing: Tuesday, October 25

Upcoming Airings of Ensign O'Toole

Tuesday, Oct 25
Operation: POTOMAC
Season 1
Episode 12
Wednesday, Oct 26
Operation: Gaslight
Season 1
Episode 13
Thursday, Oct 27
Operation: Brooklyn
Season 1
Episode 14
Friday, Oct 28
Operation: Swindle
Season 1
Episode 15
Monday, Oct 31
Operation: Treasure
Season 1
Episode 16

About Ensign O'Toole

Dean Jones stars in the titular role, as a fun-loving officer whose shenanigans bring levity to the battleship Appleby, while drawing the ire of Lt. St. John (Jack Mullaney). The series also stars Jack AlbertsonHarvey Lembeck, and Beau Bridges in his first major TV role. Notable guests include Dub Taylor, John McGiver, and Soupy Sales.