Father Murphy

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Sunday, Jan 22
The Witness
Season 2
Episode 209
Sunday, Jan 29
Blood Right
Season 2
Episode 210
Sunday, Feb 5
Sweet Sixteen
Season 2
Episode 211
Sunday, Feb 12
The Rockets' Red Glare
Season 2
Episode 212
Sunday, Feb 19
The Matchmakers
Season 2
Episode 213
Father Murphy

About Father Murphy


Merlin Olsen poses as a priest to help a teacher (Katharine Cannon) and the young orphans in her care, in this drama created by Michael Landon. Notable guests include Corey FeldmanChristina ApplegateShannen Doherty, & James Cromwell.


Richard Bergman, Stuart Nisbet, Burris De Benning, Ivy Bethune, Lisa Trusel, Kirk Brennan, Timmy Gibbs, Scott Mellini


William Claxton