Hardcastle And McCormick

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Monday, Dec 5
Homecoming: Part 2
Season 1
Episode 20
Tuesday, Dec 6
Hate The Picture... Love The Frame
Season 2
Episode 10
Wednesday, Dec 7
Did You See The One That Got Away
Season 1
Episode 21
Thursday, Dec 8
Really Neat Cars and Guys With A Sense Of Humor
Season 1
Episode 22
Friday, Dec 9
Scared Stiff
Season 1
Episode 23
Hardcastle and McCormick

About Hardcastle And McCormick

1983 - 1989

An unconventional team consisting of a retired judge and an ex-con, Hardcastle & McCormick proved to be a dynamic duo. Hardcastle had the legal and criminal knowhow, but it was McCormick and his slick wheels that help sideline the criminals. The chemistry of its leads and the lighter tone of the series helped create a beloved crime-fighting favorite. 


Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Clint Carmichael, Abby Dalton, Peter Mark Richman, Sam Scarber