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Sunday, Jan 22
Hondo And The Death Drive
Season 1
Episode 13
Sunday, Jan 29
Hondo And The Hanging Town
Season 1
Episode 14
Sunday, Feb 12
Hondo And The Gladiators
Season 1
Episode 15
Sunday, Feb 19
Hondo And The Apache Trail
Season 1
Episode 16
Sunday, Feb 26
Hondo And The Rebel Hat
Season 1
Episode 17

About Hondo



Ralph Taeger and his faithful canine sidekick, Sam, hit the road in 1967’s HONDO. Based on the 1953 John Wayne drama of the same name—which, in turn, was inspired by Louis L'Amour's sixth novel—HONDO stars Taeger as a former Confederate officer who lived with the Apaches. Tasked with preventing more violence between settlers and the remaining tribes, Hondo embarks on a quest to avenge his Indian wife's death, while battling dastardly land-grabbers, nosy reporters and other outlaws in his way. Michael Pate reprises his role as Apache Chief Vittoro. Guest stars include Ricky Nelson, Fernando Lamas and Annette Funicello. Noah Beery Jr. (THE ROCKFORD FILES) also co-stars in this series.


Ralph Taeger, Kathie Browne, Noah Beery Jr., Michael Pate, Farley Granger