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Friday, Jan 20
The Briarton Syndrome
Season 2
Episode 214
Monday, Jan 23
Foxworthy Shall Rise Again
Season 2
Episode 215
Wednesday, Jan 25
Jeff, You The Man
Season 2
Episode 216
Friday, Jan 27
The Dogs
Season 2
Episode 217
Monday, Jan 30
Gone Fishin'
Season 2
Episode 218
Jeff Foxworthy

About The Jeff Foxworthy Show

Each week kicks off with a trio of episodes of the 1995 hit THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW at 8 p.m. ET, starring beloved funnyman Jeff Foxworthy as a southern air conditioner repairman feeling hilariously out of his element in a small Indiana town. The show is most notable for starring Haley Joel Osment in an early television role as Foxworthy’s young son Matt, four years before his breakthrough role in THE SIXTH SENSEJay MohrBill Engvall, and JERRY MAGUIRE standout Jonathan Lipnicki were added to the cast in season two. Special guests include Alan JacksonTerry BradshawTim McGrawTravis TrittJohn Cho, Robert KeeshanBob SagetRandy Savage, and Debra Jo Rupp.


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