Up The MacGregors

Up the MacGreggors

About Up The MacGregors

Two immigrant families have settled in Texas in the 1880s: The MacGregors from Scotland and the Donovans from Ireland. Although rivals, the clans are on friendly terms thanks to the wooing between six of the MacGregor boys and six of the Donovan girls. During the celebration of seventh son Gregor's (David Bailey) engagement to Rosita Carson (Agatha Flory), Maldonado (Leo Anchóriz) and his bandit gang steal the MacGregor family's gold ingots and kidnap the girl. The MacGregors and the Donovans must work together to track down the bandits and rescue Rosita.


David Bailey, Agatha Flory, Leo Anchóriz, Georges Rigaud, Roberto Camardiel


Franco Giraldi