Nanny And The Professor

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Monday, Jan 23
The Tyrannosaurus Tibia
Season 1
Episode 109
Tuesday, Jan 24
I Think That I Shall Never See A Tree
Season 1
Episode 110
Wednesday, Jan 25
The Games Families Play
Season 1
Episode 111
Thursday, Jan 26
An Element Of Risk
Season 1
Episode 112
Friday, Jan 27
The Philosopher's Stone
Season 1
Episode 113
Nanny And The Professor

About Nanny And The Professor



Juliet Mills stars as a magical young nanny who may or may not be psychic, with Richard Long as her widowed professor of an employer and top contemporary reality and tabloid star Kim Richards in her breakthrough role as one of Long's three kids. Notable guests include Jodie Foster in her third TV appearance, as well as Elsa LanchesterIda Lupino, Lee Meriwether, and Van Johnson.


Juliet Mills, Richard Long, David Doremus, Trent Lehman, Kim Richards, Lauren Gilbert, Michael Barbera, Don Beddoe