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Sunday, Oct 30
About Jessie James
Season 1
Episode 20
Sunday, Nov 6
Fight Of The Century
Season 1
Episode 21
Sunday, Nov 13
Man's Best Enemy
Season 1
Episode 22
Sunday, Nov 20
Wonder Fizz Flies Again
Season 1
Episode 23
Sunday, Nov 27
All In The Family
Season 1
Episode 24

About Nichols



James Garner is a man looking for a fresh start in small-town Arizona in the early 1900s. Having left an 18-year career in the military, Garner (as Nichols) finds himself blackmailed into becoming town sheriff by the villainous Ketcham Family, who run the town. Riding a motorcycle instead of a horse and forsaking guns in favor of more peaceful resolutions, the newly-crowned lawman takes on bandits, manages town bullies and woos beautiful barmaid Margot Kidder... all with his own unique style. Created by Oscar®-winning screenwriter Frank Pierson (DOG DAY AFTERNOON, COOL HAND LUKE, MAD MEN).


James Garner, Margot Kidder, Neva Patterson, John Beck, Stuart Margolin, M. Emmet Walsh, Richard Bull