The Sentinel

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Thursday, Mar 30
The Waiting Room
Season 4
Episode 405
Friday, Mar 31
The Real Deal
Season 4
Episode 406
Monday, Apr 3
Most Wanted
Season 4
Episode 407
Tuesday, Apr 4
The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg
Season 4
Episode 408
Wednesday, Apr 5
The Switchman
Season 1
Episode 101
The Sentinel

About The Sentinel

Former US Army Ranger Jim Ellison returns from five years stranded in the jungle to fight crime using heightened senses even he didn’t understand.  For four seasons, Ellison makes the city a safer place while piecing together the origin of his special gifts.  Network TV had never seen a crime show like this before -- blending real-world drama with touches of the supernatural pushed the boundaries of primetime entertainment and delivered a show ahead of tis time.