Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

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Sunday, Oct 30
The Rescue
Season 1
Episode 118
Sunday, Nov 6
Winter Roses
Season 1
Episode 119
Sunday, Nov 13
Season 1
Episode 120
Sunday, Nov 20
A Ring For Hannah
Season 1
Episode 121
Sunday, Nov 27
Season 1
Episode 122
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

About Seven Brides For Seven Brothers



Based on the popular musical of the same name, this series stars Richard Dean AndersonPeter HortonDrake Hogestyn and River Phoenix in his acting debut, as a brothers working to keep their ranch together 10 years after their parents’ death. Notable guests include Joaquin Phoenix in his first role, as well as Cameron MitchellEric StoltzCharles Napier, & Levon Helm.


Phoenix River, Richard Dean Anderson, Roger Wilson, Peter Horton, Drake Hogestyn, Bryan Utman, Tim Topper, River Phoenix, Terri Treas, Joanna Pettet