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  • Alan-Ladd-Trivia-mainImage

    Alan Ladd Trivia

    With his good looks and soft-spoken demeanor, Alan Ladd redefined cinema’s ‘tough guy’ across genres. Discover the original anti-hero with this quiz.
  • Ann-Miller-Trivia-mainImage_0

    Ann Miller Trivia

    Miller claimed she could tap a certain number of times per minute. Think you know the answer? Play Ann Miller trivia to find out!
  • Barbara-Stanwyck-Trivia-mainImage

    Barbara Stanwyck Trivia

    Barbara Stanwyck enjoyed a range of roles most actresses can only dream of. Take this quiz to test your Stanwyck knowledge.
  • Bette-Davis-Trivia-mainImage

    Bette Davis Trivia

    Bette Davis was a legend of the silver screen. Flaunt your dazzle power with Bette Davis Trivia.
  • Boston-Blackie-Trivia-mainImage

    Boston Blackie Trivia

    The Boston Blackie saga has jumped several narrative mediums. Do you know the range of plots behind this character? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Carole-Lombard-Trivia-mainImage

    Carole Lombard Trivia

    She may have started out playing the tomboy but she grew to become one of Hollywood's iconic beauties. Test your Lombard knowledge with this quiz!
  • Cary-Grant-Trivia-mainImage

    Cary Grant Trivia

    Leading man to almost every leading lady, Cary Grant defined “movie star” for generations to come. Think you know Cary? Take this quiz & find out!
  • Comedy-Trivia-mainImage

    Comedy Trivia

    Some films bring tears to your eyes while others make you laugh until you cry. Comedies get the audiences' heart through their funny bone.
  • Crime-Doctor-Trivia-mainImage_0

    Crime Doctor Trivia

    Amnesiac Robert Ordway, criminal psychologist, becomes the Crime Doctor after remembering his past as a criminal. How well do you know his exploits?
  • deborah-kerr-1600-900_v2

    Deborah Kerr Trivia

    She holds the record for: most Academy Award nominations, but the depths of her talent run far deeper. Think you know Deborah Kerr? Take this quiz!
  • Donna-Reed-Trivia-mainImage_0

    Donna Reed Trivia

    Best known for playing the title character in her own TV show, Donna Reed had a 40 year career. Think you know Donna Reed? Take this quiz!
  • Dyan-Cannon-Trivia-mainImage

    Dyan Cannon Trivia

    Dyan Cannon was known for her fiery personality and explosive talent. Do you know the ins and outs of her career? Take this quiz and find out!
  • Edward-G-Robinson-Trivia-mainImage

    Edward G Robinson Trivia

    Known as a kingpin in fictional criminal underworlds, Robinson's career flourinshed for over 50 years. Do you think you know him? Take this quiz!
  • Elizabeth-Taylor-Trivia-mainImage

    Elizabeth Taylor Trivia

    Elizabeth Taylor transcended the screen and was a lasting legacy of Hollywood's old studio system.
  • Frank-Capra-Trivia-mainImage

    Frank Capra Trivia

    The first director to have his name appear above the title…do you have what it takes to get top billing?
  • Fred-Astaire-Trivia-mainImage

    Fred Astaire Trivia

    Can you dance with the best of 'em? Fred Astaire trivia is a tap-dancing good time.
  • Fred-MacMurray-Trivia-mainImage

    Fred MacMurray Trivia

    Fred MacMurray is well known as an everyman for his acting versatility, can you keep up with his many personas? Take this quiz to find out.
  • Henry-Fonda-Trivia-mainImage

    Henry Fonda Trivia

    Hollywood mainstay and all-around likable guy, Henry Fonda…do you like him enough to get a perfect score?
  • Ida-Lupino-Trivia-mainImage

    Ida Lupino Trivia

    Writer, producer, director, and trailblazer; Ida Lupino did it all. See if you have the knowledge to call yourself a true fan with this quiz!
  • Irene-Dunne-Trivia-mainImage

    Irene Dunne Trivia

    From showboat performances to Hollywood, Irene Dunne is a star. How well do you know her? Take this quiz and find out!
  • Jack-Lemmon-Trivia-mainImage

    Jack Lemmon Trivia

    This eight-time Academy Award nominee enjoyed a lengthy career on the silver screen. How well do you know Jack Lemmon? Take this quiz and find out!
  • James-Stewart-Trivia-mainImage

    James Stewart Trivia

    America’s hero in more ways than one, James “Jimmy” Stewart portrayed the average Joe on screen and defended him overseas. Have fun with this quiz!
  • Janet-Leigh-Trivia-mainImage

    Janet Leigh Trivia

    Janet Leigh presence is forever intertwined with the tale, but how well do you know the rest of her career? Take this quiz and test your knowledge!
  • Jean-Harlow-Trivia-mainImage

    Jean Harlow Trivia

    She’s known as a “bombshell,” but she wasn’t always blonde – see how you fare in Jean Harlow Trivia.
  • Jean-Simmons-Trivia-mainImage

    Jean Simmons Trivia

    Simmons started her career early and trained to become one of the most dynamic performers of her time. How well do you know her? Take this quiz!
  • Jennifer-Jones-Trivia-mainImage

    Jennifer Jones Trivia

    Jennifer Jones captured the attention of audiences and praise of the critics the second she stepped in front of the camera.
  • Jerry-Lewis-Trivia-mainImage

    Jerry Lewis Trivia

    Lewis became one of the most successful and imitated comedians in Hollywood. Take the quiz and find out how well you know the jokester himself!
  • Joan-Blondell-Trivia-mainImage

    Joan Blondell Trivia

    Joan Blondell was a free-spirited working girl always ready to take your cares away through song, dance or while-timed quip. Know Joan?Take this quiz!
  • Joan-Crawford-Trivia-mainImage

    Joan Crawford Trivia

    She had a larger-than-life personality. Show off your star power with Joan Crawford Trivia.
  • Kim-Novak-Trivia-mainImage

    Kim Novak Trivia

    This former model found fame, while waiting in line to audition for a part as an extra. How well do you know Kim Novak? Take this quiz and find out!
  • Lee-Marvin-Trivia-mainImage

    Lee Marvin Trivia

    Recognized as both a villian and hero, Marvin gave great depth to his performances. Do you know his story? Take this quiz to see where you land.
  • Lee-Remick-Trivia-mainImage

    Lee Remick Trivia

    This seemingly gentle beauty shocked audiences with her darkness and depth. Do you know the ins and outs of Lee Remick? Take this quiz and find out!
  • Loretta-Young-Trivia-mainImage

    Loretta Young Trivia

    A thriving seventy-year career, as a sweetheart, leading lady and icon of style. See how well you know Loretta Young by taking this quiz.
  • Lucille-Ball-Trivia-mainImage

    Lucille Ball Trivia

    Lucille Ball is known for her smarts and perseverance as much as her talent. Do you love lucy? Take this quiz and find out!
  • Memorial-Day-Trivia-mainImage

    Memorial Day Trivia

    Celebrate the holiday with films that honor those who served, their victories, and their sacrafrice.
  • Mickey-Rooney-Trivia-mainImage

    Mickey Rooney Trivia

    Mickey Rooney grew up on screen even if he never grew to be very tall. Does your Rooney knowledge soar to great heights? Take this quiz to see.
  • Musical-Trivia-mainImage

    Musical Trivia

    Why talk when you can sing? Sometimes a song succeeds where words alone fail. Do you think you know musicals? Take this quiz to find out.
  • Omar-Sharif-Trivia-mainImage_0

    Omar Sharif Trivia

    Sharif speaks more than three languages. Think you know how many? Play trivia to find out.
  • Oscar-Winning-Movies-mainImage_9

    Oscar Winning Movies

    Oscar winning films have provided drama on screen and off and the Academy's judgment ensures movies a place in history.
  • Peter-Sellers-Trivia-mainImage

    Peter Sellers Trivia

    Actor, singer, comedian; Peter Sellers' talent knows no bounds. Can you break boundaries like Sellers, with this quiz?