Classic Westerns Every Saturday and Sunday in April on getTV


At getTV, we love Westerns — and we know you do, too! And this month, we’ll have even more for you to enjoy. Beginning April 6, we’re adding four classic Western series to our Saturday morning lineup from 6a until 10a ET.

At 6a ET, Jock Mahoney is an undercover agent in post-Civil War New Orleans in Yancy Derringer. Next at 6:30a ET, Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith and Philip Carey star as 1870s Texas Rangers in Laredo. Then, at 7:45a ET, Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson are brothers seeking their lost sister in the delightful rarity The Quest. Finally, Dan Haggerty and Denver Pyle close out the lineup at 9a in the iconic 1970s hit The Life And Times of Grizzly Adams.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got Western movies every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. From hard-to-find classics starring icons like Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy, to neo-Westerns like Young Guns (1988) and Young Guns II (1990), getTV is ready to ride in April!

Here’s a look at some of the Western movies airing this month (all airtimes are ET).

1. Stage To Tucson (1950) — April 7 at 6p and April 20 at 1p

Stagecoach cop Grif Holbrook (Rod Cameron) just wants to retire, but a series of stolen stages means one last assignment. He’s teamed with driver Barney Broderick (Wayne Morris) to investigate the thefts, which seem to be the work of Confederate sympathizers. Or are they? Meanwhile, pretty Kate Crocker (Kay Buckley) catches the eye of both men, complicating their mission. Look for familiar faces Roy Roberts (Darrin’s father on Bewitched) and onetime “most beautiful girl in movies” Sally Ellers in the final role of her 23-year career.

2. Man In The Saddle (1951) — April 7 at 7:55p

Randolph Scott is a Western icon thanks to his many collaborations with producer Harry Joe Scott from the late 1940s through the early ‘60s. This Technicolor melodrama is one of the earliest, and best, examples of their partnership — and it’s the first of Scott’s six films with director Andre de Toth. Scott is a rancher who loses his girlfriend (Joan Leslie) to an evil land baron (Alexander Knox), leading to violence. Look for familiar faces Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, Cameron Mitchell, Alfonso “no stinkin’ badges” Bedoya, and Tennessee Ernie Ford singing the title song.

3. Montana Territory (1952) — April 20 at 2:55p

It’s 1863 and the Montana Territory is plagued by lawlessness! A crew of vicious highwaymen kill a prospector and his son and steal their gold, all in full view of young miner John Malvin (Lon McCallister). Malvin reports the crime to corrupt Sherriff Plummer (Preston Foster), who deputizes him — only to make him an unwilling accomplice. Look for Jack Elam as an ax-wielding thief, Clayton Moore (TV’s The Lone Ranger) as a murderous deputy, and Wanda Hendrix (Mrs. Audie Murphy) as the plucky barmaid who clean ups Montana!

4. Al Jennings Of Oklahoma (1952) — April 20 at 4:30p

Hot-tempered young lawyer Al Jennings (Dan Duryea) pursues a life of crime when he’s wrongfully accused of murdering the man who killed his brother. Based on the auto-biography of the real Al Jennings (who lived until 1961), this “Crime Western” packs biopic scope into a B-movie running time. Dick Foran is Al’s brother (and accomplice) Frank, Gale Storm (The Gale Storm Show) is his love interest, and Guinn “Big Boy” Williams and James Griffith are members of his gang. Also look for John Dehner (star of radio’s Have Gun, Will Travel) and Gloria Henry (the mom on Dennis the Menace), who’s still with us at age 96!

5. Conquest of Cochise (1953) — April 20 at 6:25p

William Castle may be best known for gimmicky horror films with buzzing seats and flying skeletons, but he also directed a number of classic Westerns in the 1950s. This B-Western is set in 1853 at the time of the Gadsden Purchase of land from Mexico. Robert Stack is an Army officer sent to the territory to make peace with the Indians. John Hodiak is the Apache leader Cochise. Joy Page (the refugee whose husband wins at Rick’s roulette table in Casablanca) plays the Mexican woman who comes between the two.

6. Secret of Treasure Mountain (1956) — April 21 at 6p

Raymond Burr is best remembered as one of the greatest heroes in TV history. But, before he took on the role of Perry Mason in 1957, he was often cast as sadistic bad guys! Here he’s the aptly named Cash Larsen, a thief who’s holed up in a mountain cabin with a fugitive adventurer (William Prince), a professor (Lance Fuller), a Brit (Reginald Sheffield) and his daughter (Valerie French). He soon discovers why the mountain is called “Treasure,” and the search for lost gold begins! Secret of Treasure Mountain is a partial remake of Lust For Gold (1949) — both featuring Prince.

7. Arizona Raiders (1965) — April 21 at 7:35p

Solider turned actor Audie Murphy stars as Clint, a Confederate war hero who joins the infamous Quantrill’s Raiders after the Civil War. Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon) is Andrews, the U.S. Army captain tasked with ending Quantrill’s reign of terror. When Clint is captured and convicted, Andrews enlists him into the newly formed Arizona Raiders. Their first mission: to bring Quantrill’s men to justice. This was the third of five Westerns Murphy made for Columbia Pictures before his tragic death in a plane crash in 1971. It’s an American production, but has a fun Spaghetti Western vibe. (Read more about Audie Murphy here)

8. Young Guns (1988) — April 6 at 5:30p and April 28 at 5p

In 1877, cattle rancher John Tunstall (Terence Stamp) trains a group of young misfit gunfighters as his “regulators” against the competition. They are William H. Bonney a.k.a. Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez), Doc Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland), Chavez y Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips), Dick Brewer (Charlie Sheen), Dirty Steve Stephens (Dermot Mulroney), and Charlie Bowdre (Casey Siemaszko). When violence strikes, the boys begin a bloody quest to bring justice to a competing rancher (Jack Palance). Look for Brian Keith as a bounty hunter and John Wayne’s son Patrick Wayne as Pat Garrett.

9. Young Guns II (1990) — April 28 at 7:30p  

The surviving characters return for a sequel that begins in 1950 and flashes back to the aftermath of the Lincoln County War 70 years earlier. New cast members include Christian Slater as Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh, Balthazar Getty as Tom O’Folliard, William Petersen as Pat Garrett, and James Coburn as John Chisum. Best of all, both Young Guns films air as a double feature on getTV Sunday, April 28!

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