Clint Eastwood in IN THE LINE OF FIRE in November

Clint Eastwood in IN THE LINE OF FIRE on getTV

When you set a battle between good and evil against a political backdrop, it makes for a terrific thriller. Want proof? Take a look at Wolfgang Petersen’s In The Line Of Fire, the 1993 film that pits a veteran Secret Service agent against a psychotic assassin.

In The Line Of Fire stars Clint Eastwood as Frank Horrigan, the only remaining active Secret Service agent who guarded John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. The story begins three decades later with Horrigan still wracked with guilt about what he perceives as a personal failure to protect the president. Being plagued by regret has had a negative effect on Horrigan’s life, which is shown by his heavy drinking and even losing his family because of it.

Everything changes with a phone call from a man who only calls himself “Booth.” Unfortunately, it becomes clear he is referencing John Wilkes Booth when the caller shares his own plans to assassinate the president. “Booth” seems to know everything there is to know about the suffering Secret Service agent, and believes he offers Horrigan a shot at redemption. What results is an edge-of-your-seat cat-and-mouse game of the highest order.

Eastwood delivers one of his finest performances as Frank Horrigan in In The Line Of Fire. Horrigan’s scars run deep, and his vulnerability is displayed with sincerity by Eastwood. Eastwood’s most affecting scenes are those opposite Rene Russo who plays a tough, but empathetic fellow Secret Service agent. The rest of the supporting cast is made up of familiar faces who also deliver great performances, such as Dylan McDermott, Fred Thompson, Gary Cole, and John Mahoney.

However, it’s John Malkovich as the psychopath Mitch Leary (aka “Booth”) who offers the perfect contrast to Eastwood. The memorable battle of wits makes this movie a standout. Their dialogue and the movie’s ingenious resolution are testament to In The Line Of Fire’s Oscar-nominated script and editing by the legendary Anne V. Coates. This is a smart, tense thriller that has all the makings of a classic.

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