Barbary Coast

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Saturday, Sep 18
Funny Money
Season 1
Episode 102
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Crazy Cats
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Episode 103
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Jesse Who?
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Episode 104
Sunday, Sep 26
The Ballad of Redwing Jail
Season 1
Episode 105
Barbary Coast

About Barbary Coast

Cash Conover (Doug McClure) is a riverboat gambler turned casino owner on San Francisco’s rollicking Barbary Coast. Jeff Cable (William Shatner) is a secret agent on special assignment to clean up the notoriously lawless district. Together, they make an unlikely pair of crimefighters in 1880s California!

Created by Douglas Heyes, writer of lighthearted action shows like MaverickBarbary Coast brought two of the most iconic stars of 1960s TV back to primetime. McClure was best known as Trampas in the long-running Western series The Virginian. Shatner was captaining his first series since Star Trek was prematurely drydocked six years earlier. 

The characters were introduced in a made-for-TV movie airing in May of 1975, featuring Dennis Cole as Cash. (Cole had also co-starred in Bearcats, a historical adventure series created by Heyes.) When the series debuted in September of that year (no longer with Heyes at the helm), McClure had taken over as Cash and Shatner’s master-of-disguise undercover operative —a supporting player in the pilot — had become the top-billed star. They’re supported by Richard Kiel (Jaws from the James Bond films) as the Golden Gate Casino’s bouncer Moose Moran and Dave Turner as Thumbs, the piano player. 

If you like your Westerns with a shot of comedy, you’ll love this 1970s rarity. 

Notable guest stars:

Edward Andrews, Tige Andrews, Michael Ansara, Bill Bixby, Lloyd Bochner, Eric Braeden, Neville Brand, Joseph Campanella, James Cromwell, William Daniels, Bernard Fox, Lynda Day George, John Dehner, Robert Foulk, Henry Gibson, Leo Gordon, Pat Hingle, Ralph Meeker, Andrew Prine, Bill Quinn, John Rubinstein, Louise Sorel, Joan Van Ark, Francine York 


William Shatner, Doug McClure, Richard Kiel, Dave Turner


Douglas Heyes