Betty Grable: Behind The Pin-Up

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Betty Grable: Behind The Pin-Up
Episode 1
Betty Grable: Behind The Pin-Up

About Betty Grable: Behind The Pin-Up

(1995, A&E)

Betty Grable was the girl every soldier dreamed of. The pin-up who helped win World War II was a winner at the box office too, with a series of hugely popular musicals for Twentieth Century-Fox. In 1943, she was the number one movie star in the world.

Grable was more than just a pretty face, though. She was a dancer and singer, driven by an ambitious stage mother to early success. But changing post-War tastes forced her to reinvent herself for a new generation.

This retrospective includes interviews with co-stars like Debbie Reynolds, rare newsreels and deleted scenes, and film clips from her larger-than-life Technicolor musicals.

Notable guest stars: Debbie Reynolds, Alice Faye, Carol Burnett, Hugh Hefner, Jane Withers, Spero Pastos, Michael Levitt, Paul Zastupnevich, Matt Helreich

Produced by Kim Egan and Jaime Klein

Narrated by Peter Graves