Brigitte Bardot: Animal Magnetism

Brigitte Bardot

About Brigitte Bardot: Animal Magnetism

(2003, A&E)

French actress Brigitte Bardot was film’s first “sex kitten.” Behind it all was Roger Vadim, the Svengali director who discovered Bardot as a teen model, married her at 17, and helped craft her uninhibited persona in his scandalous And God Created Woman in 1957. But the liberation Vadim encouraged in front of the camera led to indiscretions behind it.

“I used to lead a libertine life and change husbands and lovers quite often” Bardot confesses. In addition to Vadim and her Woman leading man Jean-Louis Trintignant, Bardot also married Jacques Charrier, her co-star in Babette Goes to War in 1959.

Increasingly condemned for her behavior, Bardot sought more serious roles with directors like Henri-Georges Clouzot. But his psychological manipulations during production of The Truth in 1960 led the troubled actress to a suicide attempt. For her next chapter, America came calling. 

This retrospective includes film clips, archival interviews, and a contemporary conversation with the reclusive star, still provocative and controversial in her 80s.

Notable guest stars: Brigitte Bardot, Bill Mumy, Tony Crawley, Bernard d’Ormale, Dana Polan, James Petersen

Produced by David Silver 

Narrated by Robert Culp


Robert Culp, Brigitte Bardot, Bill Mumy