Cimarron City

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Cimarron City

About Cimarron City

(1958-1959, NBC)

More than 50,000 people claimed two million acres of homestead land in the Oklahoma Territory in the late 1880s and cities sprouted up overnight. Cimarron City tells the story of one of those boom towns, populated with a mix of settlers, prospectors and old school gunslingers.

Rancher Matt Rockford (George Montgomery), son of the city’s founder, is mayor of the town. Helping to keep the peace is Lane Temple (John Smith), Cimarron City’s deputy. Also in the cast are Audrey Totter as rooming house owner Beth Purcell and Dan Blocker as ranch hand and comic relief Tiny Budinger.

The 6’ 3” Montgomery was a longtime star of movie Westerns, but Cimarron City was his first TV series. Totter is today considered an icon of film noir, thanks to appearances in films like The Set-Up. And Smith was a singer and up-and-coming star. Together the three were supposed to be the rotating stars of Cimarron City. Instead, Montgomery became de facto lead, Totter left mid-season, Smith’s role was reduced, and Blocker was added. Ironically, Blocker originally played a villain that was killed off in the second episode.

Montgomery narrates the show from the Cimarron City of the future, so at least we know everything turned out okay.

Notable guest stars: Leonard Nimoy, Rita Moreno, Lee Van Cleef, George Hamilton, De Forest Kelley, Beverly Garland, Fred MacMurray, Elizabeth Montgomery, John Carradine, Peter Graves, Mike Connors, Glenda Farrell, John Dehner, June Lockhart, Dean Stockwell, Pernell Roberts, Dan Duryea, Dinah Shore.

Produced by Richard H. Bartlett and Norman Jolley 


George Montgomery, John Smith, Audrey Totter, Dan Blocker, Pete Dunn, Tom Fadden, Dennis McCarthy, Stuart Randall, Claire Carleton, Wally Brown, Addison Richards, Fred Sherman, George Dunn