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Dan August

About Dan August

(1970-1971, ABC)

Who do you think of when you think of Burt Reynolds?

Is it the macho star of movies like Smokey and the Bandit? The Oscar-nominated silver fox of Boogie Nights? The director of Sharky’s Machine and other gritty thrillers? All are good answers, but how about Burt Reynolds the TV star?

The iconic actor spent most of the 1960s on television, primarily in Westerns. After an initial attempt to become a movie star, he returned in 1970 for this crime drama from Quinn Martin Productions. Based on the novel House on Greenapple Road and its TV movie adaptation, Dan August is the story of a homicide detective in the Southern California city of Santa Luisa. Norman Fell is Dan’s neurotic partner and Richard Anderson is his exasperated chief. Ned Romero plays Sgt. Joe Rivera and Ena Hartman is African-American investigative assistant Katie Grant, an unusually diverse supporting cast for the era.  

As a plainclothes detective barely out of his twenties, August advocates for youth and gives voice to their concerns – a sea change for the older-skewing police procedural. While Reynolds’ straight-laced hero is hardly counterculture, there was a clear effort to tailor stories to socially conscious viewers.

The series wasn’t renewed, despite a Golden Globe nomination for Reynolds. He went on to make Deliverance a year later, the next step on his road to superstardom.

Notable guest stars: Harrison Ford, Ricardo Montalban, Mickey Rooney, Gary Busey, Larry Hagman, Martin Sheen, David Soul, Victor French, Meg Foster, Lee Meriwether, Barry Sullivan, Jan-Michael Vincent, Billy Dee Williams, Ann Francis, John Ritter, Joan Van Ark, John Beck, Susan Oliver, Sal Mineo, James Best, Annette O’Toole, Vic Morrow, Diana Muldaur, Tim O’Connor, Monte Markam, Julie Adams, Dabney Coleman, Vera Miles, Ellen Corby, Christopher Connelly, William Smith, Robert Wolders, Simon Oakland

Produced by Quinn Martin, Adrian Samish, Anthony Spinner. Based on the TV movie House On Greenapple Road and characters created by Harold R. Daniels for the novel of the same name. 


Burt Reynolds, Norman Fell, Richard Anderson, Ned Romero, Ena Hartman