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First Daughter

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PG-13 TV-14 | 130 min | Drama, Adventure, Thriller, Action | 1999
Alex McGregor (Mariel Hemingway) is a Secret Service agent who once guarded the President of the United States. Now she oversees security for Hayes' teenaged daughter, Jess (Monica Keena). When she makes plans to go on a white-water rafting trip, the President requests a minimal compliment of Secret Service agents. This proves to be a mistake when Jess and her companions are kidnapped by a gang of right-wing terrorists. McGregor is forced to join forces with scruffy wilderness guide Grant Carlson (Doug Savant) in order to find Jess and return her to safety.


Mariel Hemingway, Doug Savant, Diamond Dallas Page, Monica Keena, Gracie Harrison, Alan Dale, Dallas Page


Armand Mastroianni