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Saturday, Mar 23
First Target

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NR TV-PG | 135 min | Suspense, Adventure, Thriller, Action, Women's | 2000
Secret Service Agent Alex McGregor (Daryl Hannah) trains constantly to protect the life of President Jonathan Hayes (Gregory Harrison). But when her boyfriend, Grant Carlson (Doug Savant), protests that he never has enough time with her, the President suggests that Grant come along to dedicate Skytram, a new mountain transport in Seattle. As Skytram begins its ascent Alex realizes, too late, that the President is being carried into an ambush. Alex must act quickly and decisively to prevent the assassin from carrying out the evil scheme.


Gregory Harrison, Daryl Hannah, Byron Lawson, Doug Savant, Brandy Ledford, Gary Bakewell, Jason Schombing


Armand Mastroianni