Flip Wilson ...Of Course

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Saturday, Feb 29
Featuring Richard Pryor, Peter Sellers, And Lily Tomlin
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Flip Wilson ...Of Course

About Flip Wilson ...Of Course

(1974, NBC)  

Flip Wilson made history in 1970 as the first African American to headline a successful primetime variety series. After that Emmy-winning show concluded its run in 1974, Wilson transitioned to a series of periodic specials. The first of these – Flip Wilson…Of Course – was produced by Lorne Michaels, who would go on to make history himself on NBC’s Saturday Night Live a year later.

Flip Wilson…Of Course features everything that TV audiences had come to love about Wilson’s show: hip sketches, broad characterizations, and some of the top comedy and musical guests of the era. Comic Richard Pryor (a frequent guest on Wilson’s weekly series) plays a preacher (introducing Wilson’s Rev. LeRoy character), Lily Tomlin reprises Laugh-In’s telephone operator Ernestine (“one ringy dingy”),  Dr. Strangelove star Peter Sellers delights with his typically odd characters, and Martha Reeves (of Martha And The Vandellas) sings.

Flip Wilson…Of Course is a delightful time capsule of mid-1970s TV variety, with history-making talent on both sides of the camera. 

Produced by Lorne Michaels for Clerow Productions  


Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Peter Sellers, Lily Tomlin, Martha Reeves