The Girl With Something Extra

The Girl With Something Extra

About The Girl With Something Extra

(1973–1974, NBC)  

By 1973, Sally Field had already starred in two high-concept sitcoms: as teenaged surfer Gidget and aerodynamic clergywoman The Flying Nun. Her third TV starring vehicle came with an equally high concept — but played down the supernatural for the inter-personal. 

The “something extra” in The Girl With Something Extra is extra-sensory perception (ESP), which gives Sally Burton (Field) an unfair advantage over new husband John (John Davidson), a lawyer. But this charming dramedy fromNuncreator Bernard Slade is more interested in exploring their newlywed relationship than in broad situations or goofy slapstick. Field and Davidson (who would achieve his greatest success as a TV host) have steamy chemistry, and the show is surprisingly frank about their enjoyment of the benefits of married life. 

 The supporting cast includes musician Jack Sheldon (future voice of iconic Schoolhouse Rockhits I’m Just A Billand Conjunction Junction) as John’s brother Jerry, Zohra Lampertas Sally’s co-worker Anne, William Windom and Henry Jones as the partners at John’s law firm, Stephanie Edwards as his co-worker Angela, and Terri Garr as man-crazy friend Amber. The score is by jazz great Dave Grusin

Following the conclusion of this single-season show, Field won an Emmy as Sybiland was on her way to big-screen stardom. 


Notable guest stars:

Don Knotts, Donald O’Connor, Merv Griffin, Keenan Wynn, Pat Harrington Jr., Dick Van Patten, Mark Lenard, Farrah Fawcett, Eve Arden, Joan Van Ark, Patti Deutsch, John Gabriel, Charles Lane, Jack Riley, William Schallert, Ronnie Schell, Gordon Jump, Len Lesser, Audra Lindley, Mitzi McCall, Jayne Meadows, Dick Balduzzi 

Created by

Bernard Slade


Sally Field, John Davidson, Jack Sheldon, Zohra Lampert