Guns Of Paradise

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Sunday, May 9
Dust On The Wind
Season 2
Episode 221
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A Study In Fear
Season 3
Episode 309
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The Search For K. C. Cavanaugh
Season 3
Episode 310
Wednesday, May 12
Shield Of Gold
Season 3
Episode 311
Thursday, May 13
Twenty-Four Hours
Season 3
Episode 312
Guns of Paradise

About Guns Of Paradise

(1988–1990, CBS)   

Lee Horsley stars as hunky gunfighter Ethan Allen Cord in 1890s California in the three-season Western series Guns Of Paradise.  

Cord is forced to make a career change when he adopts the four children of his dying sister (Kathryn Leigh Scott): 13-year-old Claire (Jenny Beck), 11-year-old Joseph (Matthew Newmark), and youngins Ben (Brian Lando) and George (Michael Patrick Carter). He rents a farm from prickly banker Amelia Lawson (Sigrid Thornton) and seeks to hang up his gun belt, but the bad guys have other ideas.  

Guns Of Paradise— called simply Paradise for its first two seasons — enjoyed critical acclaim and a fiercely loyal audience at a time when primetime Westerns were a rarity. It was co-created by Dallas and Knots Landing creator David Jacobs, so it’s got some soapy DNA. And we mean that in the best possible way. 

The series made headlines with stunt casting of Western legends like Hugh O’Brien and Gene Barry as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, recreating their 1950s roles. Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford also guest starred, playing father and son again thirty years after The Rifleman. Guns of Paradise is a worthy successor to those iconic Westerns and deserves a second look today. 

Notable guest stars:

Hugh O’Brien, Gene Barry, Chuck Connors, Leah Remini, Johnny Crawford, William Smith, Robert Fuller, John Beck, Joseph Campanella, Barbara Rush, John Schneider, Ray Walston, Jane Kean, Crystal Bernard, Milla Jovovich, Matthew Labyorteaux, Jack Elam, Mako, Mary Crosby, George DiCenzo, Jim Beaver, Nicollette Sheridan, David Graf, Charles Napier, BiBi Besch, Brian Patrick Clarke, Richard Bull, Michael J. Pollard, Hoke Howell, Mitch Pileggi, Dennis Patrick 

Created by David Jacobs, Robert Porter 


Lee Horsley, Jenny Beck, Sigrid Thornton, Matthew Newmark, Brian Lando, Michael Patrick Carter, Dehl Berti, John F. Bloom III