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Wednesday, Aug 23
Slippery Slope
Season 1
Episode 106
Thursday, Aug 24
Husbands And Wives
Season 1
Episode 107
Friday, Aug 25
Songs In The Night
Season 1
Episode 108
Monday, Aug 28
Bad Choices
Season 1
Episode 109
Tuesday, Aug 29
All Night Long
Season 1
Episode 110

About Hack

(2002-2004, CBS)

What if the lead character in a cop show was not a cop? At least, not anymore? That’s the twist in Hack, an early 2000s crime drama.

Mike Olshansky (David Morse), an ex-sergeant in the narcotics division of the Philadelphia P.D., has been stripped of his badge and is under indictment for skimming money from a crime scene. To make matters worse: his wife (Donna Murphy) kicked him out, his ten-year-old son (Matthew Borish) hates him, and his alcoholic father (Brian Smiar) won’t speak to him. This is not what a police officer pushing 50 expected from his golden years.

Now Mike drives a cab, where he works out demons by helping those in need. He’s part private investigator and part vigilante, but still a cop at heart. Assisting him (unofficially) is his ex-partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher) who was with Mike on the bust that got him fired. What really happened that night? And is Marcellus dirty, too?

Created by David Koepp one of the most successful screenwriters of all time Hack is a smartly written procedural with a continuing narrative that will hook you from the get-go. The series concluded after just two seasons, but it deserved a longer run.

Notable guest stars: Bebe Neuwirth, Jay O. Sanders, Viola Davis, Idris Elba, Jane Krakowski, John Heard, David Harbour, James Rebhorn, Abigail Breslin, Fisher Stevens, Moira Kelly, Chad Lowe, Martha Plimpton.

Created by David Koepp


David Morse, Andre Braugher, George Dzundza, Donna Murphy, Matthew Borish, Matt Czuchry, Jacqueline Torres