Hardcastle And McCormick

Hardcastle and McCormick

About Hardcastle And McCormick

(1983-1986, ABC)

Action shows of the 1980s loved tricked-out vehicles and inter-generational team-ups. And Hardcastle And McCormick entertained audiences for three seasons by checking both of those boxes.

Retiring Los Angeles judge Milton Hardcastle (Brian Keith) is on a mission: to bring to justice all his defendants who went free on technicalities. He enlists the help of Mark “Skid” McCormick (Daniel Hugh Kelly), a car thief facing prison for the theft of a prototype race car designed by a murdered friend. Hardcastle promises to help him catch the murderer, if McCormick agrees to help him bring the guilty to justice. 

Hardcastle And McCormick was co-created by prolific producer Stephen J. Cannell, updating a premise he had used for his 1980 series Tenspeed And Brown Shoe. Veteran actor Keith (Family Affair, The Parent Trap) is at his curmudgeonly best as the judge (nicknamed “Hardcase”). Kelly handles the handsome young rogue role with charm. But, for many of the show’s viewers back in the day, the real star was the car: a custom replica of a McLaren M-6GT called the “Cody Coyote.”

Notable guest stars:

John Saxon, Tim Robbins, Joe Pantoliano, Philip Baker Hall, Cathy Lee Crosby, Richard Anderson, Paul Gleason, Dennis Farina, Larry Drake, Alex Rocco, Robert Kulp, Lance Henriksen, Dennis Franz, Faith Ford, Ed Lauter, John Amos, Larry Wilcox, Randall “Tex” Cobb, Wings Hauser, Dub Taylor, Rosemary Clooney, Buddy Ebsen, Keenan Wynn, Antonio Fargas, John Ireland, Doug McClure

Created by Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh. Theme song “Drive” by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer (vocals by David Morgan).



Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Clint Carmichael, Abby Dalton, Peter Mark Richman, Sam Scarber