Here Comes The Brides

Here Comes The Brides

About Here Comes The Brides

 (1968-1970, ABC)


By the late 1960s, TV Westerns struggled to put a fresh spin on familiar stories and settings. Here Come the Brides found its solution with laughter, romance, and a bit of real-life history. 


Robert Brown, David Soul and Bobby Sherman star as the Bolt brothers, proprietors of the Bridal Veil Mountain logging camp in Seattle after the Civil War. When their workers threaten to quit because they’re lonely, eldest brother Jason (Brown) heads east and returns with 100 women of marrying age — thanks to a loan from sawmill owner Aaron Stempel (Mark Lenard, Spock’s father on Star Trek). But there’s a catch: if any of the eligible brides return home to Massachusetts, the Bolts forfeit their family business to Stemple.


Saloonkeeper Lottie Hatfield (Oscar nominee Joan Blondell) looks after the ladies with Candy Pruitt (Bridget Hanley) as their unofficial leader. Henry Beckman is Clancey, the ship’s captain who transports the brides, sticks around, and courts Lottie. And familiar faces like Hoke HowellBo Svenson and Susan Tolsky have recurring roles. But the breakout star was Sherman, who became a teen idol, million-selling singer and, reportedly, the recipient of more fan mail than any other ABC star. Sherman recorded a version of Hugo Montenegro’s catchy theme song “Seattle,” but it was crooner Perry Como’s rendition that became a hit in 1969.


Here Come the Brides was loosely based on the story of Asa Mercer, who helped settle the Pacific Northwest by importing so-called “Mercer Girls” from Civil War-ravaged Eastern cities. Similar tales were told in films like Westward the Women (1951) and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), but without the Tiger Beat pin-ups. If you enjoy your Westerns with more courtin’ than killin’, Brides will be a good match.


Notable guest stars: Alan Hale Jr., Jeanette Nolan, Denver Pyle, Bruce Lee, Jane Wyatt, Edward Asner, Cicely Tyson, Barry Williams, Vic Tayback, Bernard Fox, Lynda Day George, Pat Harrington Jr., Will Geer, Susan Howard, Richard Bull, Meg Foster, Sid Haig, Bob Cummings, Jacqueline Scott, Daniel J. Travanti, James B. Sikking, Larry Linville, Jack Albertson, Monte Markham, Harold Gould, Gordon Jump.



Robert Brown, David Soul, Bobby Sherman, Joan Blondell, Mark Lenard, Bridget Hanley


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