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Season 2
Episode 211
Jeff Foxworthy

About The Jeff Foxworthy Show

(1995-1997, ABC and NBC)

The Jeff Foxworthy Show is a true rarity in network television history. It was two different shows on two different networks with two different casts in two consecutive seasons.

The first version of the sitcom starring the “Blue Collar” comedian aired on ABC in 1995-96. Southerner Jeff was a fish-out-of-water in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife Karen (Anita Barone), son Matt (Haley Joel Osment), loudmouth brother Wayne (Jay Mohr), and waspy in-laws (Bibi Besch and Dakin Matthews). 

The second iteration aired on NBC in the 1996-97 season, with the family now living in Jeff’s Georgia hometown and Foxworthy working at a shipping plant. Karen was now played by Ann Cusack, Osment was back as Matt, and added to the family was Jonthan Lipnicki as 4-year-old Justin and G. W. Bailey as Jeff’s dad.

Which Foxworthy you prefer will depend on your preferred sitcom style. The first version was a typical mid-1990s TGIF-style family sitcom. The NBC version was more of a workplace ensemble comedy, with co-workers like fellow “Blue Collar” comic Bill Engvall added to the mix.

You don’t have to be a redneck to love the folksy comedy of Jeff Foxworthy – or to enjoy both versions of a show that should have lasted longer.

Notable guest stars: Harry Morgan, Bob Saget, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Dick O’Neill, Terry Bradshaw, John Cho, Keene Curtis, Mary Gross, Bob Keeshan, Randy Savage, Bill Walton

Created by: Tom Anderson, based on the comedy of Jeff Foxworthy.



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