The Jim Nabors Hour

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About The Jim Nabors Hour

(1969-1971, CBS)

When Jim Nabors decided to end Gomer Pyle: USMC after five seasons to “reach for another rung on the ladder,” CBS had the perfect solution: a variety series with his sitcom co-stars. The Jim Nabors Hour which debuted just 20 weeks later isn’t a musical sequel to Gomer Pyle, but it’s close (at least at the beginning.)

Nabors opened the first episode on a replica of the sitcom set crooning “If My Friends Could See Me Now.” And soon they did, as Gomer co-stars Frank Sutton (Sgt. Carter) and Ronnie Schell (Duke) joined the new show’s cast (often playing similar characters). But eventually, The Jim Nabors Show developed its own voice, and it was it wasn’t Gomer’s goll-eee falsetto.

Nabors is a charming comedic performer, but he takes your breath away when he sings. Viewers were familiar with his magnificent baritone from performances on Gomer, Andy Griffith and Carol Burnett, but the variety show gave him a weekly platform. It was also an opportunity to showcase a diverse collection of musical acts, from Johnny Cash to the Jackson Five.

Despite strong ratings, the series ended after two seasons. In the finale Nabors sang “The Impossible Dream,” a song he first performed on a memorable episode of Gomer Pyle.

Notable guest stars: Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett, Don Knotts, Julie Budd, Don Diamond, Tommy Farrell

Produced by Jim Nabors’ Naborly Productions.


Carol Burnett, Jim Nabors, Frank Sutton, Ronnie Schell, Karen Morrow