The Judy Garland Show

The Judy Garland Show

About The Judy Garland Show

(1963-1964, CBS)

By the early 1960s, Judy Garland’s three-decade film career had come to an end. But a chart-topping, Grammy-winning recording of her 1961 Carnegie Hall show proved that the living legend was still at the top of her game. So, following a handful of one-off specials, CBS convinced Garland to commit to a weekly variety series to air Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

Actor Jerry Van Dyke was Judy’s comic sidekick, performing in sketches with guest comedians. Judy sang duets with popular vocalists like Barbra Streisand and performed “Born in a Trunk” segments of stories and songs, like her character in A Star is Born. But Garland’s preference was just to sing, rather than do a traditional television variety show. And that’s what she did after the departures of Van Dyke and producers George Schlatter and Norman Jewison. The star settled into a concert format for the final seven episodes, solo and with occasional guests.

Despite four Emmy nominations, The Judy Garland Show ended its run in 1964 after a single season. Today, it’s a gift for fans, offering a glimpse of one of history’s greatest entertainers in her element – live performance – with some of the biggest stars of the era.

Notable guest stars: Mickey Rooney, Barbara Streisand, Ray Bolger, Ethel Merman, Tony Bennett, Nat “King Cole, Bob Newhart, Rich Little, Vic Damone, June Allyson, Donald O’Connor, Count Basie, Liza Minnelli, Soupy Sales, Lena Horne,

Produced by George Schlatter, Norman Jewison, Bill Colleran. Art direction and scenic design by Robert Kelly and Gary Smith (Emmy nominees). Musical director: Mort Lindsey. 


Judy Garland, Jerry Van Dyke