Richard Widmark: Strength Of Characters

Richard Widemark

About Richard Widmark: Strength Of Characters

(2000, A&E)

He was one of the few actors to be honored with an Academy Award nomination for his first film, but Richard Widmark was no flash in the pan. The Minnesota native was a star for nearly half a century, remembered today as both an unforgettable villain and a complex hero.

Widmark excelled in all genres, especially film noir (Kiss Of Death, Night And The City) and Westerns (John Ford’s Two Rode Together and Cheyenne Autumn). He also conquered television with an Emmy nomination for the political thriller Vanished in 1971. But Widmark’s most enduring role was as husband to screenwriter Jean Hazlewood, his wife for 55 years. Sadly, he would become her caretaker when tragedy struck.

This retrospective features an interview with Widmark, clips from his films, and rarely seen home movies shot by the actor.

Notable guest stars: Sidney Poitier, Karl Malden, Robert Wagner, Eddie Muller, Anne Heath Widmark

Produced and directed by Steven Smith

Narrated by Peter Graves 


Peter Graves, Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Sidney Poitier, Robert Wagner


Steven Smith