About Riptide

(1984-1986, NBC) 

The 1980s was the Golden Age of Vehicular Action on American TV. And Riptide is the quintessential example of the genre.

Private investigators Cody Allen (Perry King) and Nick Ryder (Joe Penny) pilot an infinite variety of vehicles as they crack crime in Southern California, including: a houseboat (The Riptide), vintage helicopter (The Screaming Mimi), speedboat (The Ebbtide), and red Corvette convertible. There’s even a robot (the Roboz) invented by quirky computer genius Murray “Boz” Bozinsky (Thom Bray), Cody and Nick’s former military buddy.

Created by Stephen J. Cannell, Riptide has all the trademark wit and wisecracking that helped make the prolific writer/producer a TV legend. But it’s the lead characters that kept viewers tuning in week after week for three seasons. King, Penny, and Bray have an infectious camaraderie that’s truly fun to watch. There’s also a strong supporting cast, including Jack Ging as a cop who locks horns with our heroes, Ken Olandt as a surfer bro, Marsha Warfield as the owner of the local hangout, and Anne Francis as the captain of a charter boat staffed by bikini-clad mates.

With its larger-than-life action, Riptide was hugely popular with younger viewers and is still well-remembered more then three decades later.  


Notable guest stars:

George Clooney, Geena Davis, Dennis Haysbert, Lance Henriksen, Paul Gleason, James Cromwell, Cesar Romero, Clu Gulager, James Whitmore, Richard Hatch, Larry Linville, Steve Allen, Jane Badler, Richard Lewis, Ray Wise, Lyle Alzado, John Astin, Bill Macy, Bernard Fox, Dennis Franz ,Terry Kiser, Ted Neeley, Barbi Benton, Gene Rayburn, Bob Eubanks, Leeza Gibbons. 

Created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo. Produced by Babs Greyhosky, J. Rickley Dumm, Tom Blomquist and Jo Swerling, Jr. 


Perry King, Joe Penny, Thom Bray, Stephen Liska, Ken Swofford, James Whitmore