The Sentinel

The Sentinel

About The Sentinel

(1996-1999, UPN)

What if a cop had the powers of a superhero? That’s the premise of The Sentinel, a late-1990s supernatural action series starring Richard Burgi.

U.S. Army ranger Jim Ellison spent 18 months in a Peruvian jungle after a mission to stop drug smugglers went awry. Five years later, and now a police officer in Washington state, he develops weird, extrasensory abilities. With the help of anthropology student Blair Sandburg (Garrett Maggart), Jim learns to control his new-found powers and use them to fight crime. But who is he, really? What happened in the jungle? And how did he become the mystical being known as the Sentinel?

Created by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, The Sentinel is an engaging mash-up of police procedural and sci-fi thriller. Buff action hero Burgi and long-haired “neo-hippie” Maggart have great buddy chemistry and Bruce A. Young and Kelly Curtis provide able support as cops.

The Sentinel was so beloved by fans that they got the series un-cancelled after the third season. It returned to UPN for a fourth and final season in 1999, resolving major cliffhangers and wrapping up Jim’s storyline.

Notable guest stars: Jeri Ryan, Udo Kier, Robert Vaughn, Rex Smith, Don S. Davis, Joe Cortese, Meredith Salenger, Dick O’Neill, Vincent Irizarry, Tamlyn Tomita, Stacy Haiduk, Tim Thomerson,

Created by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo 


Richard Burgi, Garrett Maggart, Bruce A. Young, Kelly Curtis