The Tall Man

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Episode 29
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Tuesday, Jul 25
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The Tall Man

About The Tall Man



THE TALL MAN is a 1960-1962 gunslinger epic starring cult favorite Clu Gulager as the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid, and Barry Sullivan as Kid’s friend and mentor, Sheriff Pat Garrett. While Garrett is forever immortalized as the man who shot Billy the Kid, the fictionalized series attempts to paint a kinder image of the two adversaries, teaming them up as friends caught on opposite sides of the law and detailing their various adventures in and around the boomtown of Lincoln, New Mexico. Over the course of two seasons, the series enjoyed a variety of notable guest stars including future Oscar® winners Martin Landau and George Kennedy.


Barry Sullivan, Clu Gulager, Regis Toomey, Marianna Hill, Elen Willard