Tippi Hedren: Magnificent Obsession

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Tippi Hedren: Magnificent Obsession
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Tippi Hedren: Magnificent Obsession

About Tippi Hedren: Magnificent Obsession

(2004, A&E)

Alfred Hitchcock loved his heroines blonde and mysterious. And America loved Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock films. But while the movies they made together stood the test of time, their moviemaking partnership did not.

In this 2004 documentary, Hedren shares memories of Hitchcock’s The Birds – “one of the most nerve-wracking productions in Hollywood history” – and Marnie, during which she fought to be released from her contract. “He said ‘I’ll ruin your career,’” Hedren recalled. “And he did.”

The retrospective features interviews and clips from Hedren’s films, commercials, and screen tests. There’s also an extended sequence on Roar, a decade-long production in which animal activist Hedren and daughter Melanie Griffith star alongside lions and tigers. “Everybody got hurt,” Griffith remembered. “It was a nightmare.”

Notable guest stars: Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Rod Taylor, Diane Baker, Patty Davis, Donald Spoto, Chris Gallucci, Martin Dinnes

Produced by David Silver 

Narrated by Bill Mumy