Whispering Smith

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Whispering Smith

About Whispering Smith

(1961, NBC)

Tom “Whispering’ Smith (Audie Murphy) is a cop on the Old West beat in this police procedural set in 1870s Denver. Guy Mitchell is his partner George and Sam Buffington is police chief John Richards.

By 1961, audiences were very familiar with the Whispering Smith character. He began life in a 1906 novel by Frank H. Spearman and was the subject of eight different films over the next half century, the last starring heartthrob Alan Ladd. Murphy’s resemblance to Ladd is unmistakable, and he brought to the series his reputation as both a highly decorated World War II hero and a budding Western icon. 

But Whispering Smith’s trail to primetime was rocky. Mitchell, primarily known as a pop singer, broke his shoulder falling from a horse. Buffington, then only 28, died unexpectedly. And the series found itself in the crosshairs of a Senate investigation of TV violence. (Senators screened the violent second episode, with a young Robert Redford as a brainwashed gunman.)

Whispering Smith finally debuted in May of 1961, two years after production began, and survived for just a single season. Murphy continued to act until his untimely death in a plane crash in 1971. He was just 45.

Notable guest stars: Robert Redford, Richard Chamberlin. Alan Hale Jr,Jim Davis, James Best, Bernie Kopell, Marie Windsor, Harry Carey Jr, Clu Gulager, Edward Platt, Hal Needham, Paul Picerni, Don Beddoe, John Beradino, Les Tremayne, Alan Mowbray

Produced by Herbert Coleman, Joseph Hoffman, Willard W. Willingham. Based on the novel by Frank H. Spearman. 


Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell, Sam Buffington