Yancy Derringer

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Yancy Derringer

About Yancy Derringer

(1958-1959, CBS)  

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Reconstruction administrator John Colton (Kevin Hagen) seeks to bring order to lawless New Orleans. What better way to control crime than by deputizing a notorious criminal?

That’s Yancy Derringer (Jock Mahoney): smuggler, gambler, and now, secret agent. With the help of his Pawnee Indian companion Pahoo (X Brands), the former Confederate Army captain controls the cutthroats using methods beyond the boundaries of law. Yancy has his own riverboat and carries a variety of concealed weapons, including three four-barrel pistols. He also has various women vying for his attention, most notably gambling parlor proprietress Madame Francine (Frances Bergen).

With his pencil mustache and wry smirk, Mahoney’s Yancy is like Clark Gable’s Rhett Butler reimagined as a pulp fiction anti-hero. Mahoney was a stuntman who doubled for stars like John Wayne, and his go-for-broke physicality infuses this half-hour historical noir series with an unpredictable sense of adventure.

Notable guest stars: Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleef, Claude Akins, Jack Albertson, Patricia Barry, Jim Davis, John Qualen, John Dehner, Louise Fletcher, Marie Windsor

Created by the husband and wife team of Richard Sale and Mary Loos, based on the short story Derringer by Sale. Produced by Desilu for Derringer Productions.  


Jock Mahoney, X Brands, Kevin Hagen, Frances Bergen, Bill Walker, Kelly Thordsen, Woodrow Chamblis, Charlene James, Lisa Lu