getTV is Sony Pictures Television’s newest network that shows classic film and television through the 1970’s. Remember back to a time when the West was won, stories were epic, and characters were legends. From the studio that brought you the golden age of the silver screen, comes getTV. Anchored by Sony’s library of over 3,500 films, getTV brings viewers award-winning favorites as well as rare TV series, giving audiences a new way to experience all-time favorites. Get classic. getTV.

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We proudly feature closed captions on every getTV movie. If your closed captions are turned on and working, but not appearing on a specific movie, jot down the title and send us a note. We’ll check to make sure there isn’t an error with those custom captions as soon as possible!

It might sound silly, but moving your antenna around will usually do the trick. Try aiming it in a different direction, restarting the antenna (unplug it from the wall then replug it back in) and then rescan your channels just like how we show in this video

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