Bret Maverick

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Saturday, Oct 23
The Hidalgo Thing
Season 1
Episode 118
Sunday, Oct 24
The Lazy Ace
Season 1
Episode 119
Saturday, Oct 30
Welcome To Sweetwater
Season 1
Episode 103
Sunday, Oct 31
Anything For A Friend
Season 1
Episode 104
Brett Maverick

About Bret Maverick


James Garner starred in two of the most enduring series in television history. This sequel to the first of those brought roguish gambler Bret Maverick back to TV.

Now fifty-ish, Maverick’s days as a drifter looking for the next big score are over. He’s settled down in Sweetwater as co-owner of the Red Ox Saloon — won, of course, in a poker game. Maverick’s partner is Tom Guthrie (Ed Bruce), the town’s laconic former sheriff. And his new homestead is called the Lazy Ace.  

But just because he’s settled down doesn’t mean Maverick has, well, settled down. He’s still stirring up trouble, often with the help of Philo Sandeen (Stuart Margolin), a tracker who tried to rob Maverick the day they met. If Garner as charming rogue and Margolin as untrustworthy sidekick sounds like a familiar dynamic, it should: the two had just completed six seasons as private investigator Jim Rockford and his ex-con buddy Angel. 

Supporting characters include newspaper photographer Mary Lou “M.L.” Springer (Darleen Carr), her young assistant Rodney Catlow (David Knell), smarmy banker Elijah Crowe (Ramon Bieri), new sheriff Mitchel Dowd (John Shearin), town madam Kate Hanrahan (Marj Dusay), and Maverick’s ranch hand Cy Whitaker (Richard Hamilton).  

Country singer Bruce, who wrote and sang “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys,” also wrote and sang the show’s theme. 

Notable guest stars:

Jameson Parker, Dixie Carter, Keye Luke, Dub Taylor, Hector Elizondo, Sid Haig, Murray Hamilton, Ed Nelson, Monte Markham, Simon Oakland, Jenny O’Hara, Richard Moll, Kirk Cameron. Janis Paige, Bill McKinney, Richard Libertini, Sandy McPeak, William Sanderson, Jack Kelly 

Developed by Gordan T. Dawson. Based on Maverick, created by Roy Huggins. 


James Garner, Ed Bruce, Stuart Margolin, Darleen Carr, David Knell, Richard Hamilton, Ramon Bieri, John Shearin, Marj Dusay, Tommy Bush