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Vengeance Is Mine
Season 1
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The Plague
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Episode 119

About Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a Western with a twist: it’s not set in the West and the action takes place a century before most traditional Western stories. 

In 1755, legendary frontiersman Nathaniel Bumppo (Lee Horsley) patrols the Hudson River Valley region of central New York. Known as Hawkeye, the “Christian-born and Indian-raised” warrior is accompanied by his native companion Chingachgook (Rodney A. Grant) as they navigate the tensions between British and French colonists during the French and Indian War.

Into this cauldron comes Elizabeth Shields (Lynda Carter) who, with her husband William (Michael Berry), opens a trading post at the local British fort. When William is abducted by Indians — thanks to the machinations of his evil brother Captain Taylor Shields (Garwin Sanford) — Elizabeth and Hawkeye begin the search to save him. But neither can deny their growing attraction to each other. 

Hawkeye was created by Kim LeMasters, produced by TV legend Stephen J. Cannell (The Rockford FilesThe A-Team) and based on characters created by James Fenimore Cooper for The Last Of The Mohicansand other novelsIf you like your gunfights with muskets, and your love stories filled with longing, you’ll enjoy the action and romance of Hawkeye!

Notable guest stars:

Edward Albert, James Cromwell, Ron Ely, Duncan Fraser, Michael Horse, Gordon Tootoosis, Dave “Squatch” Ward


Lee Horsley, Lynda Carter, Rodney A. Grant, Garwin Sanford, Lochlyn Munro, Jed Rees


Kim LeMasters