Saturday, September 30
Hondo And The Judas
Sunday, October 1
Hondo And The Comancheros
Saturday, October 7
Hondo And The Gladiators
Sunday, October 8
Hondo And The Apache Trail
Saturday, October 14
Hondo And The War Hawks


Next Airing: Saturday, September 30, 2023 - 12:30pm ET

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When it is rumored that there is gold in the Superstition Mountains, Hondo and Colonel Crook fear a deluge of white men in the area that has been given to Vittoro, the Apache Chief, as part of a recently signed peace treaty.


Lee H. Katzin
Gary Clarke, Kathie Browne, Michael Pate, Nancy Malone, Noah Beery Jr., Ralph Taeger, Robert Reed

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