The Quest

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Sunday, Jul 3
The Longest Drive - Part 1
Season 1
Episode 8
Sunday, Jul 10
The Longest Drive - Part 2
Season 1
Episode 9
The Quest

About The Quest

(1976, NBC) 

This youthful Western series stars Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson as siblings on the hunt for a sister abducted by the Cheyenne tribe. Matheson is Quentin Beaudine, the brother who escaped the raid that killed their parents. Russell is Morgan Beaudine, the one who didn’t. Now known as “Two-Persons,” Morgan has spent nearly half his life in Cheyenne captivity. This makes him uniquely qualified to track the sister they both hope is still alive.

The two leads have a low-key chemistry that gives The Quest a contemporary vibe, despite its period (late 19th Century) setting. Russell is excellent in one of his early adult roles after a decade as the prince of Disney live action family comedies. Matheson plays the straight-laced young doctor Quentin with a light touch, demonstrating the comedy talents that would serve him well in Animal House two years later. And Morgan’s so-called “white Indian” Cheyenne heritage is depicted with dignity, shining a light on stereotypes that were increasingly distasteful to mid-1970s audiences.

Notable guest stars: George Lazenby, Howard Keel, Keenan Wynn, Jim Davis, Woody Strode, Howard Duff, John Ireland, Susan Dey, George Gaynes, Mariette Hartley, Erik Estrada, John Rubinstein.

Series created by Tracy Keenan Wynn, based on his 1976 telefilm of the same name. Costumes by Grady Hunt (Emmy nominated). 


Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson

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