getTV's Hot New Summer Schedule

getTV's Daytime Summer Schedule

Remember when you were a kid, and the best thing about summer was the chance to watch more television? Well, our favorite TV-watching season is finally here and getTV is the place to be! Our all new Summer Schedule starts Monday, June 26 with new shows, added episodes of old favorites, and movies every day! The getTV Summer Schedule has something for everyone.

Weekdays 5:30 am ET – 9 am ET | Wake Up Out West 

We know you love Westerns, so we’re kicking off our programming day with an expanded line-up of rarely seen classics:

5:30 am ET – THE TALL MAN new time!

Barry Sullivan and Clu Gulager star as Sheriff Pat Garrett and the outlaw Billy the Kid in this drama set in Lincoln, New Mexico. Mexican composer and recording artist Esquivel provides the distinctive score. Guest stars include Leonard Nimoy, James Coburn, and Michael Landon.  

6:05 am ET – TOMBSTONE TERRITORY new time!

Pat Conway stars as Clay Hollister, sheriff of the Old West’s most notorious town. Stories are presented as “an actual account” from the pages of The Tombstone Epitaph newspaper, narrated by editor Harris Claibourne (Richard Eastham). Guest stars include Lee Van Cleef, Angie Dickinson, and Harry Carey, Jr.

6:45 am ET – THE RESTLESS GUN new to weekdays!

Miracle on 34th Street good guy John Payne plays aging gunfighter Vint Bonner in this post-Civil War drama set in Texas. Guest stars include Claude Akins, Rip Torn, and Robert Blake.

7:20 am ET –  A MAN CALLED SHENANDOAH new to weekdays!

Robert Horton stars as the title character, a Civil War veteran with amnesia searching for his true identity. He also croons the show’s haunting theme, which is quite the earworm. Guest stars include Bruce Dern, Warren Oates and Star Trek legends DeForest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy, and James Doohan.

8 am ET – THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS new to weekdays!

Dan Haggerty plays the real life mountain man forced to flee to the wilderness after he’s wrongly accused of a crime. Don Shanks is his Native American blood brother and Denver Pyle is curmudgeonly prospector Mad Jack. Read more about Grizzly Adams on the getTV blog.

9 am ET – 2 pm ET | getTV for Lunch

We’re adding four lighthearted shows designed to ease you into your day:

Monday – Friday

9 am ET – DOC new to getTV!

Small town doctor Clint Cassidy follows his girlfriend to the big city, things don’t work out, he decides to stay anyway. Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus plays the title character in this heartwarming, award-winning drama set in a New York City hospital. Derek McGrath, Ron Lea, Ruth Marshall, and Andrea C. Robinson play his co-workers at the fictional Westbury Clinic. Richard Leacock and Tracy Shreve are an NYPD cop and his wife and Tyler Posey is the pre-teen orphan they eventually adopt. And yes, Miley guest stars in three episodes (including her acting debut in the pilot).

Monday – Thursday

10 am ET – CRAZY LIKE A FOX new to getTV!

Jack Warden is an aging private eye and John Rubinstein is his straight-laced attorney son in this delightful 19841986 crime comedy set in San Francisco. Guest stars include George Clooney, Rue McClanahan, and Della Reese in a recurring role as a nurse who administers clues to Warden. Never on DVD and rarely rerun, so don’t miss it! Read more about Crazy Like A Fox on the getTV blog.

11 am – 1 pm ET – DESIGNING WOMEN new to getTV!  

It’s not just as good as you remember, it’s better. Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts and Jean Smart were doing intelligent, issue-oriented, female-led comedy long before Sex & the City, Girls, 30 Rock, and a host of other shows. Our four-episode mid-day block means you have a good excuse to take a long lunch with the ladies and Anthony Bouvier (Mesach Taylor). Read more about Designing Women on the getTV blog.

1 pm ET – ONE WEST WAIKIKI new to getTV!

It’s like a rom-com, but with dead bodies. This underrated, Hawaii-set crime series is the perfect summertime show. It’s got a former Charlie's Angel (Cheryl Ladd) as a forensic pathologist, a future Sentinel (Richard Burgi) as a smart-mouthed cop, and The Breakfast Club’s assistant principal (Paul Gleason) as the boss. Plus, it’s never been on DVD!

2 pm ET – 11 pm ET | Action/Crime Block

getTV brings you even more action and crime each afternoon because summer is all about over-indulgence:

2 pm ET – THE SENTINEL new time!

What happened to U.S. Army ranger Jim Ellison in the Peruvian jungle? And why does he have these strange powers? Richard Burgi also stars in this late ‘90s cult classic set in Cascade, Washington with Garatt Magert as his partner and Bruce A. Young as his captain.

3 pm ET – HACK new time!

A disgraced cop (David Morse) becomes a Philadelphia cab driver, fighting crime while driving out his own demons. His ex-partner still has his job, but is he dirty, too? This underrated, early 2000s drama co-stars Andre Braugher along with George Dzundza and Bebe Neuwirth. Read more about Hack on the getTV blog.

4 pm ET – AIRWOLF new time!

Vietnam vet Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) steals a military grade helicopter from its traitorous creator and uses it to fight crime with the help of co-pilot Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine). Explosions ensue in this ultimate ‘80s action classic! Read more about Airwolf on the getTV blog.

5 – 7 pm – THE YOUNG RIDERS two episodes! 

The Pony Express rights wrongs, break hearts, and occasionally delivers the mail in this early-1990s Western set at the dawn of the Civil War. Josh Brolin, Stephen Baldwin, Ty Miller, Gregg Rainwater, and Yvonne Suhor are the titular riders. Anthony Zerbe and Melissa Leo are the parental types. Read more about The Young Riders on the getTV blog.


Want even more? In The Heat Of The Night fans will now be able to watch back-to-back episodes of the series from 7 - 11 pm ET Tuesday through Thursday. And how about Sonny and Cher and classic variety shows every Monday night starting at 9 pm ET? Or 24 hours of Western shows and movies from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. And The Merv Griffin Show and classic TV binges late Sunday nights. getTV goes deep into the vaults to bring you shows you can’t see anywhere else!

The getTV Summer Schedule begins June 26. Check out the schedule for more.


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