GHOST WHISPERER Cast – Where Are They Now?

by getTV Staff

Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) sees dead people – spirits who can’t cross over because they have unresolved personal issues. She talks to them too, and to their family, acting as a sort of spiritual social worker. This power, passed down from her grandmother (June Squibb) and mother (Anne Archer), is both Melinda’s gift and her curse. 

Created by John Gray and based in part on the life of “spirit communicator” Mary Ann WinkowskiGhost Whisperer entertained audiences for five seasons and 107 episodes on CBS. It’s been eight years since Melinda whispered to her last ghost, so we thought we’d take a look at what the one-time residents of Grandview, New York have been up to.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda)

From a 10-year-old singer and dancer (credited as “Love Hewitt”) on the Disney Channel’s Kids Incorporated, to a veteran actress and producer, Jennifer Love Hewitt has literally grown up before our eyes. And unlike other child stars, her maturation in the public eye didn’t result in bankruptcy, rehab, or arrest. Today, JLH is 39, married, and a mother of two: Autumn, born in 2013, and Atticus, born in 2015.

After Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt played a suburban Texas prostitute with a coke habit in the 2010 TV Movie The Client List and a two-season spinoff series. Brian Hallisay, who played her husband on the show, went on to marry JLH in real life in 2013. She also had a recurring role on the sitcom Hot In Cleveland as the daughter of Wendie Malick’s character. In 2014 she was cast as former FBI agent Kate Callahan on CBS’s Criminal Minds. She left after one season to have her second child and was replaced by an actress who will be familiar to Ghost Whisperer fans…

2. Aisha Tyler (Andrea Marino)

One of the saddest GW episodes came early in season two when SPOILER ALERT Melinda helps her best friend Andrea pass over after she was killed. Since then, the now-47-year-old actress, comedian and host has been busier than ever. Most recently she replaced JLH on Criminal Minds, where she remains a cast member. She also spent six years as a co-host of the daily chat show The Talk, is currently the emcee of the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and hosted 260 episodes of the podcast Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler. Tyler has also had a second career as a voice artist in animation, voicing Lana Kane on Archer and characters on Bojack Horseman and The Boondocks. And in 2017 she added directing to her resume with the action thriller Axis (2017) starring Sam Rockwell and an episode of Criminal Minds!

3. David Conrad (Jim Clancy)

Melinda’s paramedic husband Jim doesn’t mind his non-living houseguests, perhaps because he was saving Melinda’s life when they met. In real life, David Conrad attended New York’s Juilliard School, made his Broadway debut in The Deep Blue Sea opposite Blythe Danner in 1998, and appeared in films like Men Of Honor (2000) and Wedding Crashers (2005). After GW, he guest starred on CSI: MiamiThe Good WifeLaw And Order: SVUCastle, and Masters Of Sex. Since 2013 he’s had a recurring role on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D as businessman and HYDRA operative Ian Quinn. In 2006, Conrad was named one of TV’s sexiest men by TV Guide for his work on Ghost Whisperer. We’re happy to report that he’s currently a still-sexy age 50.

4. Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks)

Before GW, Manheim was best known for her Emmy winning role as Ellenor Frutt on The Practice (with guest appearances as the character on Boston LegalAlly McBeal, and Gideon’s Crossing). She also played Gladys Presley, The King’s mother, in the 2005 miniseries Elvis. Following her four seasons as Melinda’s best friend and co-worker Delia, Manheim and Hewitt reunited for Jewtopia (2012), a comedy based on the off-Broadway play. Manheim also was a cast member on Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates, Extant with Halle Berry, and Person Of Interest with Michael Emerson and can currently be seen on the sitcom Living Biblically.

5. Jay Mohr (Professor Rick Payne)

Previously best known for Jerry Maguire, Mohr joined the cast in season two as Rick Payne, a professor at Rockland University and Melinda’s frequent partner in paranormal investigation. Mohr left after season three to take the lead role in the sitcom Gary Unmarried, which aired for two seasons. He also was featured in Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter (2010), a feature film dealing with death and the afterlife. Since then, Mohr has appeared in Suburgatory, Adam Carolla’s Road Hard (2015), and can currently be seen in a recurring role on the sitcom The Mick. He’s also the host and creator of the podcast Mohr Stories and was previously the emcee of Jay Mohr Sports, a syndicated sports talk show.

6. Jamie Kennedy (Professor Eli James)

When Mohr left after season three, fellow comedian Kennedy took on the role of Melinda’s wisecracking professor sidekick. But Eli James had a twist: he had a near death experience that gave him the power to hear ghosts, but not see them. Before Ghost Whisperer, Kennedy was probably best known for his role in the Scream film franchise. Post-GW, he was a recurring voice artist on the animated series The Cleveland Show, and guested on EntourageCSILucifer, and Criminal Minds. He was also a cast member on the sitcom Heartbeat and starred in two installments of the Tremors film series: Tremors 5 (2015) and the upcoming Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell (2018). He and Jennifer Love Hewitt were also a real life couple from March 2009 until March 2010, ending their relationship as the show was concluding production.

7. Christoph Sanders (Ned Banks)

Delia’s son Ned (originally Tyler Patrick Jones) was introduced in season two – actually, his attempted theft of vintage Grateful Dead tickets at the antique shop is how Melinda and Delia meet. But the character was recast for season three and given a larger role. Prior to Ghost Whisperer, Sanders was best known for the controversial film Hounddog with Dakota Fanning. Following the series, he was a cast member on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, playing star Tim Allen’s employee-turned-son-in-law.

8. Grace Fulton (Young Melinda)

Although she only appears in five episodes over the first three seasons, Young Melinda plays an important role in the series. Her early appearances are how we discover Melinda’s origin, and episodes like Melinda’s First Ghost with Abigail Breslin help define who our heroine is as an adult. Fulton was 9 when the pilot aired in 2005 and 11 when she made her final appearance in season three. Since then, she’s been featured in ABC’s Revenge, the horror film Annabelle: Creation (2017), and she’ll play Billy Batson’s twin sister Mary in DC’s superhero film Shazam! (2019).  

9. June Squibb (Mary Ann, Melinda’s grandmother)

Like Young Melinda, her grandmother only appears in a handful of shows. But those appearances are key. After a long career in theater, Squibb began working in film and TV in her 60s. When she scored an Oscar nomination for her performance as Bruce Dern’s sassy wife in Nebraska (2013), Squibb became an overnight success in her 80s! She’s been busy ever since, including on Living Biblically with Camryn Manheim.

10. Anne Archer (Beth Gordon, Melinda’s mother)

Like Melinda, Beth has the gift to communicate with the dead. But unlike her daughter, she rejected it. And that rejection contributes to a troubled relationship between the two. Archer’s appearances on Ghost Whisperer are few, but the episodes are important to the show’s overall mythology. Pre-GW, Archer was perhaps best known as an Oscar nominee for Fatal Attraction (1987). Post-Whisperer, he’s appeared in Felon (2008), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), Lullaby (2014) and Trafficked (2017), as well as the TV shows Privileged and The Grinder.

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